How to receive the status change when the AP becomes UP?


The AP currently does not support a feature that sends alert mail when it becomes Up state. How can I know when the AP becomes Up? Can anyone share a workaround for this?

The tile and the description are updated.
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  • Do you mean switch went offline due to power or network connectivity?  - We already have that feature in central for XGS devices, I unsure about switch.

    Also, while we are on the subject, it would be very cool if the switch would keep a list of directly connected MAC addresses and report to central when a new MAC Address is connected.  Central could notify user. 

    IE: MAC 84:83:71:82:fa:28 is up on PORT 16, MAC lookup vendor = Avaya, could be handled by Central.  Central could also integrate XGS or Customer provided AD. Device data could be reconciled against AD, showing device is NEW, moved from another switch, etc.  Would be great for security notification, NAC notify, etc.

  • Hi,

    It turned out that it is about the AP, not the switch. Apologies for the confusion. I updated the title and the description of my question. I would want to get notified when the AP goes back to online. Do you know any workaround for this?