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Little Question: Why no WPA3 Support for APX?

Dear Community,

someone of you has a idea why sophos doesent bring WPA3 support to the APX-Series?

We deployed these access points at many of our customers. They will not unterstand why sophos is not interessted to bring this fundamental security feature.

Maybe I am not right informed.

I would be happy about some awnsers what you think about this.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi  ,

    The first APX Series models were launched in 2018 but the development of those started quite some time before that when WPA3 was not yet available. While WPA3 first became available in 2018, it only really became widespread a couple of years later.

    WPA3 is mandatory with 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and will be supported on our upcoming Wi-Fi 6/6E models (AP6 Series) which are scheduled to launch later this month. Here's a little more information from our recent partner blog:

    We will still sell APX in parallel to the new Wi-Fi 6 models, but there are no plans to introduce WPA3 on APX.

    Hope this helps to clarify your questions.

    Best regards


    Sophos Global Product Marketing

  • Hello  ,

    thank you for your awnser. I know that since before I uploaded the discussion. I wanted to give my feedback about this. I am not the only one who is not happy about this update politic. Every AVM Fritz Adapter for 80€ with WIFI5 supports WPA3 and a big security company with APX arround 800€ doesent want to support the APX with WPA3 because they want to sell the new AP6 APs.

    A 10 Year old FritzBox 7490 can at least also wpa3 transition mode...

    I love sophos and I push every product at our customers.

    But please don't blame me for not being enthusiastic about it. see it more as feedback. At the partner roadshow, this was not well received by the partners either. Best regards,

    David Lorenz.

  • Thanks for your response  . We're the first to admit that our wireless development cycles have not been as fast as we'd like, but we do hope to improve that moving forward.

    The feedback from our partners and customers is extremely important, so please do keep it coming.

    Best regards

    Barbara Hudson

  • Hello  ,

    I / We hope that you thinking about that and we hope you give the feedback to the responsible persons . There are so many customers that buyed APX APs for thousands of euro in the last time (2022/2023)... Them are absolutly not happy about that and sophos collects absolutely no credits from it.

    But on the contrary. Many customers orientate themselves around this because other security companies act a little softer here. We simply lack the counter-argumentation here because we don't stand behind it ourselves.

    We hope that sophos will reconsider the whole thing.

    Thank you and have a nice week! Best regards, david lorenz.