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a list of all WLAN clients independent of SSID or Access Point

used the Sophos XG 135 and 6 Access Points APX320 at Firewalls Wireless Functions

can create thousand Networks with SSID, but the List of clients is structured as

  • for each Access Point sorted by SSID
  • for each SSID sorted by Access Point 

looking for a list as

Client - IP - MAC - Signal - SSID - Access Point ...

are there any reports, list. logs etc.?

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  • Yes, the Sophos XG firewall provides various reports, lists, and logs related to wireless functions and client activities.

    You can access these reports and logs by logging in to the Sophos XG firewall web interface and navigating to the following sections:

    1. Wireless > Access Points: This section provides information about the connected access points, their status, and configuration details. You can also view the list of clients connected to each access point and their signal strength.

    2. Wireless > Client Monitor: This section displays a real-time list of wireless clients and their activities, including the SSID they are connected to, the access point they are connected to, their IP address, MAC address, and signal strength.

    3. Reports > Wireless Reports: This section provides various reports related to wireless functions, such as client activity, access point status, and wireless usage.

    4. Logs > Wireless Logs: This section provides logs related to wireless functions, including client activities, access point events, and wireless security-related events.

    Using these sections, you can generate reports and lists that provide the information you are looking for, such as a list of clients sorted by SSID and access point, and their IP, MAC address, and signal strength.

  • Yers, thats all true,

    but nothing about a COMPLETE client list without a structured view (just one list over all clients)

    have discussed with sophos support, a feature request is a way to get it, perhaps :-)



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