New Sophos Support Phone Numbers in Effect July 1st, 2023

802.11ax - 6GHz Wireless

The 802.11ax standard has been out and routers supporting 6GHz networking have been out for a couple years now and there are north of 600 Wifi6 devices on the market at present.  Is there any news when we can expect a Sophos Wifi6 Access point?

  • I was actually at one point a hardcore avid supporter of the Sophos APs, but after this last APX120 I bought, I don't think I will plug myself into that proprietary hole anymore.

    Others just seem to work... well, better. That and the bricking issues with such an expensive AP just doesn't work for me any longer, because you can't do much with them anymore unless you get your Youtube electronics degree and do a lot of unnecessary steps.  I love having the AP manged by the UTM, but for me at least, not worth the ROI.

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  • The integration of the wireless APs is the only reason I've stuck with Sophos. But recently with the outrageous cost of these newer APX devices and the amount of complaints about them bricking makes me not want to buy one again unless it comes with a nice long warranty. 

    The home user has a choice: pay a lot of money for the access point, while getting the firewall for free. Or use a different access point. It is still a good value, considering you get a few years out of the access point to use with an enterprise quality firewall that, feature-wise, competes with those costing hundreds of dollars a year for a subscription.

    So basically I'm on the fence too. With EOL coming up next December for those remaining AP access points, and the push for Central Wireless, the expense of replacing them with the APX series which has issues, it's a hard decision.

  • The minutia of wireless security is well beyond most consumers.  This is why networking companies put out highly vulnerable devices by the bushel. You're spot on with respect to price so we'll see what they come up with.

  • For those vulnerable devices at least we have open source firmware like DD-WRT to patch any holes if they exist. Maybe we shouldn't complain about the cost of an access point created for businesses when those companies can spend thousands on a firewall appliance and thousands more a year to keep it working right. A $400 access point is not really *that* expensive for the companies buying them.

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