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Sophos Hotspot Sign-In Customization Notes

Not really a question - but didn't find a heck of a lot of information on this one. This isn't a full rundown on how to customize the templates, however, I hope it helps.

  1. Upload Path for Images and CSS
    1. Full Path /var/sec/chroot-httpd/var/hotspot/hotspot-files/REF_HotPor[Hotspot Name sans special chars]
      1. e.g. HotSpot "Test" == /var/sec/chroot-httpd/var/hotspot/hotspot-files/REF_HotPorTest
      2. e.g. HotSpot "Another Test" == /var/sec/chroot-httpd/var/hotspot/hotspot-files/REF_HotAnotherTest
    2. HTML Path is /hotspot-files/REF_HotPor[Hotspot Name sans special chars]/[filename]
      1. e.g. <div id="logo"><img src="/hotspot-files/REF_HotPorTest/logo.png" alt="Logo" /></div>
  2. Remove <?company_text?> to remove the large "LICENCED FOR HOME USE" if you're running this in a lab Slight smile
  3. Default files in /hotspot-files

company_logo.png  # Sophos Logo
sophos.png             # Sophos Logo

If you're looking to get better visibility of connected devices - the following may be of help (doesn't appear that the API supports these types of calls - feature request)

# Get Hotspot Passwords

psql hotspot -U hotspot -c "SELECT row_to_json(t) from( select name,password from portals) t;" --no-align --pset footer --pset tuples_only

# Get Hotspot connected Users

psql hotspot -U hotspot -c "SELECT row_to_json(t) from(SELECT as portal_name,m.mac as device_mac,m.ip as device_ip,u.firstlogin as UTC_firstlogin,u.lastseen as UTC_lastseen ,u.expired,u.deleted,u.usedtime as used_seconds,u.usedtraffic as used_bytes FROM users u, macs m , portals p WHERE AND;" --no-align --pset footer --pset tuples_only

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