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AP FW 11.0.020 will brick your APX320 - if it´s APX 320 ETSI P52003


please be careful with new AP Firmware 11.0.020.

I just bricked a APX 320 with Hardware APX 320 ETSI (P52003).
The new APX320 Model with P52007 are fine.

Sophos is investigating!

DON`T Upgrade to AP FW 11.0.020 !

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  • It´s either SFOS 18.5.3 or AP FW 11.0.020 or the Hardware Rev P52003!

    I connected the bricked APX 320 to a an old XG115W Firewall with AP FW 11.0.019-2 (still not updated).

    After a few minutes the APX 320 came up and is working fine with AP FW 11.0.019.