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APX320 on XG - Routing issue


This is probably a more of a routing than a wireless issue, but I'll give it a try.

I have a XG 230 with a number of available HW ports and a brand new APX320.

I have a subnet to the outside where the office traffic flows trough x.x.x184 and I would like the wifi (Guest) traffic to go trough x.x.x.191

Should the user need anything on our LAN they will have to go trough VPN.

I have connected APX320 to port 6 on the XG and enabled the port. Set it to Wifi zone with address: (In my simple mind that would be the gateway)

I gave the network interface this address.: (Why not the GW address??)

I have setup a DHCP for the WIFI zone. I have defined the wifi network to Client separation and so on.

I have setup a routing from the wifi network to the WAN.

APX is online, I can connect to it with a laptop.(Did only come online after a FW update, but that could be the restart)

I can ping the APX from the laptop, but not the network interface at .200 nor .1.

So I'm stuck. Ideas anyone?


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