RX-SOP has been life changing

Just as a PSA, the “Radio Settings” Page has RF profiles now, which also includes RX-SOP.

This feature has been huge for me. I live in a 1200 sq ft apartment covered by a MR42 and a MR53. 5GHz is mostly fine with this setup, but 2.4GHz is worthless due to the number of neighbors I have. I see 100+ rogue 2.4GHz SSIDs at any given point in time, and utilization hovered between 60-80%. Throughput was maybe 3mbps at best even with 3 stream clients https://100001.onl/.

I set RX-SOP to -80dBm on 2.4GHz and boom, utilization dropped to 20% or less on both APs. Now I can hit 40-50mbps on 2.4. In practice, the only things I have on 2.4 are a Ring Doorbell and some home automation stuff, but this greatly improved my doorbell video quality and reliability for smart home appliances.

Soooo, thank you Meraki for bringing this feature over. It’s been the most useful tool I’ve found for co-channel interference, other than maybe bribing neighbors with baked goods in exchange for getting off my favorite 2.4GHz channels.

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