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Second hand Sophos Wireless Access Point

I was planning to buy a second hand Sophos Wireless Access point but noticed the paragraph

"Note: According to FCC regulations, all WLAN devices marketed and sold in
the U.S. must be restricted to U.S. channels only. Therefore, the country code

selection is applicable to non-U.S. models only. So changing the country setting

of any Sophos AP sold in the U.S. will not modify authorized parameters such

as RF channels, which means that the Access Point will always operate in U.S.

authorized channels.
" (from

I take this to mean that living the UK I cannot buy an access point originally sold in the US, or is there a way to reset the country/region settings other than the standard "country" dropdown?


     Paul McGinnie

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  • Bumping this for an answer. I wonder if a factory reset of the AP would fix that? But you'd need to know before buying. Also, if the AP has been managed through Sophos Central, the previous owner may need to make sure it's de-registered so that you can control it (through Sophos Central). If you're going to control it via a Sophos XG/XGS firewall, the firewall will intercept the AP's message to Sophos Central and will control it.

  • That is a hardware restriction. Wifi builder are restricted to comply to FCC or ETSI. Using the wrong technically is by law not allowed.