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Getting Trouble With WLAN Roaming

Hello everyone,

I have an issue that the support cannot help me with and I hope you can help me!

We have a customer's SG210 with SFOS 18.5.2 MR-2, 32 APX120, and APX320 with 11.0.018 are attached to it.
The APs are connected via "Bridge to VLAN".

There is an open guest WiFi.
"Fast Transition" is active for the other two WLANs.

And the "Client Isolation" switched off.

In the server room, there is a "core switch" to which 8 halls are connected via fiber optics.
There is one switch per hall, each of which has 2-4 APs attached to it.
The switches are all Aruba JL686A or JL684A with the latest firmware.

We have now also tested cheap TP-Link switches, so it is exactly the same behavior.

Swyx is used as the telephone system, v13.05, so it is also the latest.
Telephone calls are made via WLAN with the Swyx app with Android cell phones (approx. 30 Samsung XCover 5, a few Samsung S20) and a few iPhones.
As well as with Windows notebooks with installed SwyxIt! software.

Now to the problem, it is reproducible and presents itself as follows:
Person A and B are dialed into an AP.
Person A moves away from this AP and roams to another AP.
Person A does not hear Person B for at least 20 seconds.
Person B hears Person A continuously.

It doesn't matter whether this happens within a hall (i.e. on a switch),
or whether you go from one hall to the next omegle (i.e. also change the switch).
The conversation itself doesn't break off, it's just one-sided silence for 20 seconds.
After these 20 seconds, both people will hear each other normally again.

Does anyone know this problem or can anyone imagine how to solve it?

Thanks in advance!!



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