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AP 100C (F/W:2.3.3) High CPU & Memory utilization


A little bit of background: I previously had 120AP's (AP100C - Firmware:2.3.3) managed through a local Sophos XG to which I never heard any complaints about the Wi-Fi (That I know). During the 2021 summer we decided to go aboard and manage the devices through Central for nice and easy management for all our Sophos products.

Unfortunately since doing the changeover to Central a majority of my AP's are capping out at roughly 80-95% CPU & Memory utilization. I've manually changed channels, power optimizations, 2.4/5GHz bands & playing with insight settings.

During peak times, I have around 1,000-1,500 devices connected at any given time.

The only way I seem to have a small work-around is just rebooting the APs.. But since you can't mass reboot AP's through central (Unless I'm missing something?) & without toggling PoE on the switch, it's not feasible. Then give it 24-48 hours the AP's will be in the red "Workload" again.

Has anyone else had any issues with changing over from the local XG to Central?

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