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Restrict WiFi access to devices with Sophos Endpoint Protection

Hi we use Sophos Central Wireless and Mobile. Our Sophos Firewall is also integrated into Sophos Central.

For one of our WiFi SSIDs, I ticked the Security box so that only devices managed by Sophos should have access. However, unmanaged devices can still register in this Wifi. They then fly out again after about 5-7 minutes, but in my opinion this should be checked when connecting to the Wifi whether these devices are managed.

Is there another spot that I've overlooked, or is there no other way with Sophos?

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  • Hi David,

             As I did not get much information on the configuration, just wanted to know whether you have enabled the "Restrict SSID to Sophos Managed Devices" option? If yes it should block all the unmanaged devices from accessing the internet. It will still connect to the Wifi but it will not have the internet access