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Migrate APX 120 from XG Firewall to Central Wireless

what is the best way to migrate an APX 120 from an XGS to Central so that I can then manage it via Central Wireless?

Thank you very much!

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  • Hi,

    This article might be helpful.

    Most important thing, delete your AP from Firewall before registering it in Sophos Central.

  • Record all of the details about the APX120 first as well as the SSID's. Be careful here since the configuration options in Sophos Central are not the same as they are for wireless on the XGS. For example, you can not set time limits on an individual connection to the WiFi from Sophos Central like you can on the XGS wireless config.

    If you don't have elaborate SSID configurations this will not matter to you. However, if you do, pay special attention to what you can and cannot configure in Sophos Central compared to on the XGS and decide if those differences are worth it to you.

    Delete the APX120 from the XGS, then turn off wireless on the XGS.

    From Sophos Central, go to Wireless, then register the WAP by entering the serial number from the APX120. It will take a few minutes, sometime I have seen it take 7-8 minutes to find the WAP and connect. Then it will upgrade the firmware if necessary, and register it with Sophos Central.

    Now you can create the SSID(s) and complete the configuration.

    If you used password of the day on the XGS, even though you disable the wireless on the XGS, be sure to remove the email addresses the password of the day went to from the XGS as I have seen the XGS still email the password of the day even after I disabled the SSID and turned off wireless. That's annoying.


  • I'll add that if you had the XG automatically create VXLANs for you, you'll have to reproduce this with VLANs (which you create on the XG, but also tell the AP about in Sophos Central Wireless). The Zone system helps make the update more straightforward, but it's not automatic as it was on the XG.