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Bandwidth throttle with multiple SSID


At our one office, we have 3x APX120 with a XG210 firewall.  

Currently I have setup the AP's through Sophos Central > Wireless.  They work just fine, however, now we have a need to set bandwidth limitations on one of the SSIDs.  It appears this is not possible to be done directly in the Wireless section of Sophos Central.

So my question is.. is it better to keep the Wireless setup as is, setup VLAN on the XG and then select that option on the wireless setup? OR, completely remove the Wireless setup and do it all directly through the XG firewall Sophos Central section?

Hopefully this makes sense, as there is essentially two places to setup wireless (in Sophos Central or in XG firewall) and I am unsure exactly what is the best route.


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  • I would like to know the best practice here as well.

    As we continue to migrate more WAP's to Sophos Central, I am not seeing the option to limit bandwidth for the WAP or SSID on guest WiFi networks.


  • Any input/info from Sophos or "experts"?  Thanks in advance.

  • I have no idea what this article is about.  It is a link to an HR resource page on The Home Depot... I don't see anything that relates to Sophos and my original question with regards to multiple SSID's, bandwidth throttling or vlans.

    Is there anyone from Sophos on this forum that can provide feedback/comments?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I'm using Sophos Central Wireless where each SSID is bridged to its own VLAN, and then do VLAN stuff on the XG to control traffic, though I'm not doing any bandwidth limiting. If that works on a per-network (VLAN) basis, that's where I'd try to do it. (I'm mainly concerned with different levels of security features (two levels of Guest access, one "internal" access.)

    Though this is what you have to do to migrate from XG control (via VXLAN) to Sophos Central (only supports VLAN), so maybe I'm not saying anything new.

    I think the post that mentioned the article was good in that multiple SSIDs add overhead, so while Sophos APs can support up to 8, a practical limit might be 3.