Reviews for Sophos APX (Wireless APs)

Having a hard time finding reviews on the APX lineup. We are looking at the APX 530's, meraki, and aruba APs. I know meraki and aruba are likely much better and have features the APX's lack, but they are also 3-4x the price.

We currently operate a mix of XG 330, 230, 135, and 115's in our environment, all on 17.5 currently.

We plan to have 3 SSID's broadcasting, employees, guests, and IoT devices.

Guests need to have a splash page with the local site info, ability to enter a code, and terms to agree too. Not sure if there's a way to auto-generate a code each month and send out via email to each location or if we can generate it at one site and push the same code out to others. Managing 30+ sites each month would be a pain otherwise.

For employees - we use Microsoft NPS (radius). We'd also like the security HB feature (clients have sophos central endpoint).

  1. What's your review of the APX lineup? What appliance do you use with it (SG and XG) and what version?

  2. Is it possible to use unique guest portal pages but share the same code - or automate generating a code per site each month?