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Has anyone been able to unbrick an APX120 over serial?

I'm tinkering with a bricked APX120.  I have a serial connection up, but U-boot bootdelay is set to 0 and I can't get it to break into a terminal, it just keeps resetting/rebooting.  Anybody done this sucessfully?

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  • Hi Casey,

    No, there is no way to access the console of an APX over serial. You will have to go in for an RMA for a bricked device. 


  • Hi Casey, I guess you see a solid red light LED, right?
    You may also try it with the Sophos Flashing Tool for APX120 and so on, but I also tried this without luck unfortunately.
    To be fair - it seems not worth to spend time on this unless you have much of it. Do RMA as Tejas told you and you can throw the old device in the trash.