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2 APX320X brand new strange flashing pattern Logs say Unknown AP model

First post here!

I just purchased two APX120, plugged them into my switch and added/ configured them to my XG Firewall ... No issues

In the same purchase I got 2 APX320X, I screwed on the 4 stock antennas, unplugged the 120s and plugged in the APX320X 

First one light turns green for 10 seconds or so, then starts flashing green, then flashing red.  Then all 3 lights come on for a second.  Then everything off for a few seconds, starts over. I let the first one run for 30 min or so.   Though I would try the 2nd one... Exact same thing.   

I look in the system logs in the XG and I see:

 [Unknown] unknown AP model encountered: APX320X, dropping. 

every 2-3 mins for the last few hours.  Anyone seen this before?

I also tried the reset button... The only button I could find on it is in the same hole as the RJ45 port, it doesn't seem to do anything.  I've held it for 8 seconds, 18 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds.. Unplugged the AP and plugged it in while holding the button 

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