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Wireless Repeater

I have a RED 20 (RED201BAMR) with a built in Wireless unit 802.11 AC 2x2 Wi-Fi Module Part number: SGMODWIFPUR. My client needs to add a wireless repeater or a Wi-Fi with no connecting Ethernet cable.

Is this possible? What do I need to know to set it up and configure it? How much signal strength does the repeater need to capture and amplify the signal?


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  • Hi,

    You should be able to use a 3rd party general purpose wifi repeater along with the RED-w. From a RED's perspective, there would not be any changes needed. RED will see this repeater as a regular wireless client. The configuration on the repeater on the other hand would be brand specific. The common procedure would be to connect the repeater to the configured SSID on RED by entering the necessary authentication details. The repeater needs to be in a place where in the wireless strength from the RED should be moderate. A general guideline would be that an RSSI of around -65 dBm would be ideal for the placement of the repeater.