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Back-end Authentication Methods

Would it be possible to add more options other than radius for back-end authentication methods for the captive portal, possibly LDAP rather than radius? or integration with Azure active directory?


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  • Hi Sam,

    As mentioned above we do not have support for that yet. It is there on the roadmap. We are also actively working on giving users the option to integrate with 3rd party NAC solutions as well as this would open up a lot of options. 1 quick thing however I wanted to check is do we have a use case to integrate azure active directory and LDAP for captive portal? Captive portals are primarily used to manage guests. Wouldn't it be sufficient for users who connect to an enterprise SSID?


  • I think it would be useful for enterprise users, I think, if they are greeted with the Azure AD sign in page on a captive portal when connecting to an open network (The enterprise network)?

  • Thank you for your inputs. Will keep you posted on this. 


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