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AP100 registering to Sophos Wireless Central

Hi Guys,

I have a Sophos AP100 purchased in 2015 which I was using on my XG firewall with the latest firmware and patterns installed a week ago but since the firewall is not properly supporting IPV6 I have installed PFSense on the box and it is now working as the gateway at least temporairily.

I want to get the AP100 used by Sophos Wireless Cloud Central so I can make use of the AP without the XG but am having trouble configuring it. I have signed up for the trial on but the AP is not being registered.

I have done a packet capture of the traffic and can only see the AP trying to access I would have assumed it would try to contact some Internet service if it failed to get a response from this (which I am assuming is some type of masked IP which the XG firewall intercepts).

Is there any way to make the AP attempt to use the cloud service for configuration instead of just the local configuration on the XG firewall or is this unit a brick without the XG firewall?


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  • Hi  

    For successful communication to Sophos Central, the following network requirements must be met:

    • A DHCP and DNS server is configured to provide an IP address to the AP and answer its DNS requests (IPv4 only)
    • The AP can reach Sophos Central without requiring any VLAN to be configured on the AP for this connection
    • Able to communicate on ports 443, 123, and 80 to any internet server
    • There is no HTTPS proxy on the communication path

    Further, please try to configure this AP outside of XG. This AP 100 is not a Central Ready Unit and hence it would connect with Sophos XG on IP as long as it's available. If you try to connect it through a different router/modem, it will try to connect with Sophos Central. Please make sure that your AP did the latest Wireless Firmware update from Sophos XG.


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