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Status of Sophos Central Upgrade This Weekend

I heard there might be an upgrade to Sophos Central this weekend, including potentially to AP software.  Is this true?  If it is, has the upgrade taken place?


I continue to see devices on my network connected to WiFi long after leaving a room and in some cases, even hours after leaving my house... and I'm wondering if these upgrade might resolve these issues.


Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide.


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  • Hi Brent,

    There was no new AP firmware image that was pushed this weekend.

    With respect to the issue you are reporting, I have a couple of queries:

    1. Are you referring to wireless clients page on Sophos Central?

    2. Do you see clients in "Online" state, hours after leaving your house? Ideally, in the case of a client going out of coverage area, we wait for about 5 minutes before updating the status. Can you please check for the status indicator next to the client to determine if the users are online or offline? 


  • Hi Tejas,


    Thanks, was there an update to Sophos Central this weekend?


    I'm referring to the WIRELESS---> DEVICES page.


    Yes, I regularly see clients in "Online" state hours after leaving my house.  The status next to these clients indicates "Online"/green.



  • Brent,

    There were no changes from a wireless' perspective on Central. Can you please enable remote debugging for your account and create a support request for the above-mentioned issue? The status of clients should ideally change within 5 minutes.