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Usage insight in Central wifi vouchers needed

We have just started using Sophos Central wifi (as a replacement for UTM managed wireless in the past).

One thing I don't understand is why there is no possibility to individually monitor voucher usage. In the UTM it was visible for every voucher whether or not it had been activated or expired already. Also expired vouchers could be setup to automatically be deleted from the management view so to have not too much clutter.

Now with Central Wifi I can make multiple vouchers at once, but the only place I can view the vouchers are on a PDF. Nowhere can I see whether or not individual vouchers are already in use. There's also not a possibility to make a note for every individual voucher (that's where we put the users name in het UTM vouchers). I'm not sure yet whether or not expired vouchers will automatically be deleted (or have a possibility to do so).

Also it looks like there is no logging of which voucher has been entered on which device (MAC-address and/or name).

Last thing I'm missing is the possibility to limit voucher usage to a predefined number of devices and of course the customization of the vouchers (but this I read is supposed to be coming in the 2.2 version).

Maybe I am overlooking some of these, but it looks like still a lot of what I call "basic" functionality is missing from a product that has evolved to a 2.x (2.1.2) version number already.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for all your inputs. The features that you have mentioned above are present in our roadmap. I will keep you posted on the updates. One quick info is that only the customization of the captive portal landing page is present as a part of release 2.2 and not voucher customization.