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Clients intermittently can't connect to APX530 and APX520.

I've just installed Sophos APX and XG in a few new sites but I haven't had so many problems with a single wireless product!


Most often, we have clients that can't connect to the APs despite having the correct password saved on their devices. It seems that the AP intermittently forgets or changes the SSID password.... not exactly sure how or why it would do this but clients try to connect and are given the "password is incorrect" message. So my only fix so far is to reboot the AP using The problem here, though, is that it's not a fix and the problem will resurface in a day or two.


The APs in question never have more than about 15 users connected so I cannot see them being overloaded. In fact, these problems first arose when the building was still under construction. Why would the APs, with constant connection to the cloud, have issues with their own provisioning?


I've not had this issue with any other product... and when I reached out to support, they told me there is no problem. My next course of action will be to move the APs to be controlled by the XG instead of the cloud. Hopefully this will bring some better reliability.

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  • 4 hours later... clients again can see the SSID being advertised but it won't let any clients connect. Reboot access point again. Please... Sophos Support, is there anything I can do? Right now, I'm thinking the only thing I can do is go back to Meraki.

  • Hello,

    If you have raised Sophos support case please let me know the ID or send me your contact details in PM, so I can help you to investigate this issue.



  • Hi Ankit,


    I do have a ticket number that is the same problem but for a different location than the one I started this thread. Originally, support said there was no problem but there clearly is a problem with APs somehow forgetting their SSID settings or losing their configs until reboot. On May 6 when I made this thread, I had to reboot the AP a couple of times in one day due to the same issue. Luckily, the issue hasn't returned since May 6.


    Here's the other ticket: [#8842797]

  • Hello

    I had a look at given ticket ID, not much information logged into it.

    If you still having similar issue or have any issues with APX then let me know. We yet not received similar issues from field for APX.

    We are closely monitoring issues for APX and product management team has visibility on it.

  • Here are two more tickets. Two different sites. Same problem with different SSIDs.


    8859436 - SSID working right now... support has no updates

    8868844 - another SSID not working... support has no response yet


    I hate to say it but I think I will just pay the $$$ to Meraki as we haven't had these problems.

  • The first thing you need to do is to reset the APs and try using a new Central Panel to avoid problems.

    Afther this, if the problem persist, you will need to check the configuration of your environment:
    - Switches - Router - And of course the config at Central(Cloud) for those SSID.

    Would be useful to have some captures of your configuration if you want community to help.

    Of course, be sure you don't have any DHCP problem with the lease time etc...


  • Almost a year later...


    we recently switched to Unifi APs and all problems have ceased.