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We ask for the Feature of timelimit for free wifi

We wish us the Feature to Limit the free-wifi-access by time and per day, so that the free-wifi-user is blocked (e.g. by mac-adress) after the central defined time period (e.g. 1 hour).

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  • Hi Matthias,

    In the upcoming 2.2 release, we will be supporting wireless vouchers where in the Admin can set the start date and time and end date and time. Using this, you can limit the usage of wireless. Additionally, you can also limit the data consumption of a wireless user per voucher.  

  • Thanks for your answer.

    Nice to hear about the upcoming new Features.

    But I requested the Feature, to Limit the wireless time-usage for free wifi without a voucher:

    The guest should connect to the Sophos wireless-Lan without a voucher or Password. He has to accept the Terms of usage.

    => it should be easy and comfortable to access the guest-wlan without the help of an employee!

    But we want to avoid that anyone uses out guest wlan all the time - so we want to limit it by time.

  • Hi Matthias,

    Giving the admin an option of a configurable session timeout is a part of our roadmap. An admin can set a session timeout for a wireless user after which the user gets dissociated.