Sophos Firewall: Best practice for clientless user and fetch the usage report

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The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a clientless user and the best practices for doing so, as well as how you can access the clientless user's web/application report.

Step 1: MAC binding in DHCP server

                CONFIGURE > Network > DHCP > Add > Static IP MAC mapping

Step 2: Creating Clientless user

                 CONFIGURE > Authentication > Clientless users


Step 3: IP host/IP host group

           SYSTEM > Hosts and services > IP host > Add

#IP host group


Step 4: Firewall rule

                        PROTECT > Rules and policies > Firewall rules > Add



Step 5: Sophos Central Configuration for reporting

                 SYSTEM > Sophos Central       

Step 6: Usage – Web/Bandwidth

Login to > Firewall Management > Report Generator]                 

Note - We'll filter out the clientless user, for the reference see the screenshots below:


I hope you have found this article helpful in understanding and achieving your requirement.

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