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Extremy slow internet speed


I have a new Sophos XG115 without any firewall rule besides the default one, with a basic license, default webfilters and no IPS activated. It is connected to a router and to a internal switch. Both interfaces have 1000 Mbps - Full Duplex Auto-negotiated. When I make a speed test I'm at around 30 Mbps Up and Down. But when I try to open a website, it takes 15 seconds or more. Before we set up the firewall it was much faster. Also over the old WLAN, who is not behind the firewall it is much faster as well.

Any idea what could cause that?

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  • As far as i know, Support found the reason and is already working on a Patch. Would expect it for next MR Release. 

     can you track this? 


  • I have an XG105 with v17.5

    My internet connection (router) connects showing a speed of 68MB download, yet internally I only see max 40MB and usually around 30MB. Interface does connect at 1000MB Full Duplex and DOS UDP + TCP is off both directions. In Diagnostics Graphs, I can see the interface Max Receive has been 28.8MB, which sort of correlates with speed tests. Not good really.

    I am assuming that MR1 for v17.5 will be weeks away or more?

  • The fix will only apply for Separate zone Wireless networks.

    If you have another issue with normal LAN interfaces or something like that, this needs to be split into another thread.