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Inter-VLAN Routing

Hey guys,

First, thanks for the help so far.  I'm digging through.

I'm having some trouble getting my VLANs (created on LAN) to communicate.  I've tried about 100 different variants of rules and nothing seems to work.

I'd like two of the VLANs to have completely unfettered access to each other.  (One is wireless, one is wired devices)

Can anyone shed any light on the process involved?


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  • Got this one on my own. For anyone struggling with it:

    Create IP objects for the networks you want to route between. Make sure to include one for VLAN 1/LAN (Objects, IP Host, Add, Network)
    Go to Network Policies
    Add User/Network Rule
    Source Zone: LAN
    Networks: Choose your created networks/VLANs here (NOT the LAN network. You'll use that in a sec)
    Services: Any
    Schedule: Always

    Destination Zone: LAN
    Networks: LAN network you created earlier
    Action: Accept

    Everything else is default.
    Working like a champ.
  • I've just gone through a similar setup and had issues. Credit goes to BrianCarp and you can see his excepted answer on my post here:

    It was straight forward, just created IP Host Objects and then created the Firewall Rules to match. It's explained in that thread so you should be able to follow that. Let me know if you have any questions!