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OSPF Routing how to prioritize interface vs tunnel

1. We have a 2 XGS connected via a private ISP fiber and the interfaces are LAN / GIG.

2. For resiliency we have a IPsec Tunnel interface between the same, using a disparate ISPs at each location VPN/GIG.

We have been using OSPF for all of our routing between multiple offices with Sophos XGS/FW, and it has worked well!

When I enable dynamic routing for the VPN, OSPF uses #2 Tunnel interface as the route in routing table.  #1 above should be faster and more dependable as it is an Enterprise connection w same ISP.  I want OSPF to use #1, LAN interface as primary instead of #2 tunnel.

IE: Where can I say weight of #1 Lan is 1, and weight of #2 tunnel interface is 50, or secondary, similar to how we prioritize gateways?

I realize it could be done with SD routes / policy, but since OSPF is working well I would like to stay with it.

Thanks in advance

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