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Customer having trouble with Quickbooks Payroll Updates after Sophos XGS87 Firewall install

I have followed the suggestions listed here by adding the URL Pattern Matching exception and HTTPS Decryption and Malware and Content Scanning.  

 QuickBooks Updates failing 

He is still unable to process payroll. Is there anything new that any of you have run into with doing this?

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  • HI,

    more than likely means you are missing an entry.

    Please try creating a rule at the top of your firewall list with only the device trying to access the QuickBooks sites, 

    source LAN - network (IP address range) - destination WAN - ANY services any, log, use web  proxy.

    Access quickbooks then check the logviewer firewall tab and then web tab to see which additional sites are being accessed.

    The XG is not blocking sites, just some sites do not like being scanned and fail to work after that, Apple sites are a good example.


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    XG on VM 8 - v20 GA

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  • Hi Ben Woolley

    You check the log viewer for Web and Application filter to get denied URL and bypass  under exception.


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