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Not all WAN-IPs are accessable after restore

Hey guys,

i had a strange problem.

- Installed Version is 19.5.4

- I restored a backup from XG 330 to a new XGS 3300.

- After restoring i create the HA

Now it seems that not all WAN-IPs are accessable (it is a /27 subnet on Port2).

I allowed ping from outside/WAN and i can just ping from outside 11 WAN-IPs of 27.

What i've done:

- cleared the ARP-Table

- checked the IPs with "ip a" on Advanced Shell (all correct)

- from the firewall itself i can ping all local WAN-IPs (correct)

- tried to ping the WAN-Gateway with the defined source-address (working for all addresses)

Any ideas what i else can do?

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  • From SSH run and share the output from option 4.

    console> system diagnostics utilities arp ping source <AliasIP> interface PortB <Gateway IP>

    Please check and verify traffic flow under MONITOR & ANALYZE || Diagnostics || Packet Capture passing from the same firewall rules and drop packet


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