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Speed test slow on proxmox

Hi all

from yesterday finally I've FTTH.

Here mi problem:

If i test directly from the router (at the moment i've a double nat, waiting for parameters), i  can reach 940Mb Down and 520Mb UP.

If i test form sohopos, the down speed is less than 300Mb  and up is around 330Mb.I've cheched cpu e ram load on sophos are max 29% CPU and 53% RAM.

Al my port are 2.5GB. What can I  do?

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  • Yeah it is hard for SFOS to reach the peak performance with a Single download (at least Software), as a single download will slow down the entire engine. Snort here is build for multi session support. 

    You should get a better performance by Multi download and most apps nowadays also use multi download as well. 

    Try the multi download and see for the performance there.