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Ports blocking on LAN zone.

Hello dear all,

I'm connected with one of my clients via LAN, without going to the internet, just a LAN to LAN connection to have access to their server. But the port open to receive SNMP traffic is blocked from time to time, and I no longer receive the traffic, each time when this happens, I change the port and I ask my client to do the same, but however , I would like to understand the real problem, to resolve it definitively. Why every time, after one or two months, I no longer receive anything at my port?  

Please, I expect your support on this.

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  • You can check in the logging (Log Viewer -> IPS) whether something is blocked. This should give you a reason which you can use to exclude this.

    Other thing you can do is to make sure you do'nt use IPS LAN to LAN in the specific LAN interfaces. For that make sure to use 'None' in the IPS setting in the firewall rule.

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