Disable logging for specific content catgories

Hi everyone, is it possible to disable logging for specific (url) categories? For example disable logging for

  • Health & Medicines
  • Financial services

I'm new to sophos firewalls and as far as I know it's only possible to add one web policy to a security rule, where you can globally disable logging.

First I thought of having a top policy that matches https 443 with a web policy for those both categories, but if I understand this correctly this would match all https traffic, with no further security policy processing.

Is there a way to disable logging for specific categories (or even apps)

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  • Hi,

    you would basically need a firewall rule with proxy and policies at the top of your firewall rule list and do not tick log.


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  • You can disable logging for an entire web policy, you must "Edit" the policy in the pop up editor rather than make changes in place.
    You cannot disable logging for a single web policy rule.

    You can go to Web Exceptions and add an exception for a category, then disable HTTPS scanning.  That means for HTTPS connections it will only log the main website and not any of the individual pages within it.  So you would still see mybank.com but not mybank.com/mortgage/application.

    If there is a very specific domain you do not want, you can add an FQDN host for that domain.  Then create a firewall rule that uses the FQDN as a destination.  You can select a web policy that does not log.