SNAT over ipsec not working XGS2100

I am referring this post with similar issue

 DNS request to DNS over Site2Site VPN 

I have below setup

XG310 -- branch office 

XG430 -HA -- Head office

Now I got

XGS2100 - 2nd branch office ( Gateway local ip: )

XGS2100 - 3rd branch office

with XG310 I can reach Head office Active Directory with SNAT, but with XGS2100 I can't reach strange issue, but from Head office I can reach XGS2100

( was implemented based on article : ) 2 years before on XG310, same in XGS2100 not working )

console> show advanced-firewall
Strict Policy : on
FtpBounce Prevention : control
Tcp Conn. Establishment Idle Timeout : 10800
UDP Timeout : 30
UDP Timeout Stream : 60
Fragmented Traffic Policy : allow
Midstream Connection Pickup : off
TCP Seq Checking : on
TCP Window Scaling : on
TCP Appropriate Byte Count : off
TCP Selective Acknowledgements : on
TCP Forward RTO-Recovery[F-RTO] : off
Strict ICMP Tracking : off
ICMP Error Message : allow
Caching for route lookups : on
IPv6 Unknown Extension Header : deny
IPv6 Ready Logo Compliance : off
WAN access control for web admin console : on

Bypass Stateful Firewall
Source Genmask Destination Genmask

NAT policy for system originated traffic
Destination Network Destination Netmask Interface SNAT IP

### from branch office 2nd

Sophos Firmware Version: SFOS 20.0.0 GA-Build222
Model: XGS2100
Hostname: removed

console> ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
ping: sendto: Operation not permitted

console> system ipsec_route show
tunnelname host/network netmask

console> system route_precedence show
Routing Precedence:
1. SD-WAN policy routes
2. VPN routes
3. Static routes

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