Exposed host and HTTPS Certificates

Hi there,

I have a single static public IP that I'm using for SSL VPN incoming connections and for exposing a host (PBX) along with the following services: 80, 443, 5060, 5061, and RTP range 9999-15000.

The PBX manufacturer provides a DNS service and SSL certificate service. When I try to reach the PBX from the internet via HTTPS, everything works fine. However, when I attempt to access it locally using the DNS address, I encounter a certificate error, and it seems to be related to the Sophos certificate if I check throught Chrome.. Similarly, if I use the local IP address, I encounter the same error, but with an old certificate that expired in 2019.

This is an old Sophos machine that was previously configured for this service, and I'm currently attempting to recover the PBX service.

Thankyou in advance for your help

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