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SSL/TLS inspection | bridge mode | multiple local subnets | SSL connections time out

Dear community,

i think we are suffering the same problem mark57165 described in his post 'IPS Service - with no FW rules - Prevents Certain Sites from Loading'.

Our Situation:

SOPHOS XG / XGS Firewall

in Bridge Mode

no firewall rule / no SSL/TLS inspection rule for the problem connections

multiple IPv4 Subnets on the LAN side

SSL/TLS connections from one local subnet to another local subnet time out

Unsatisfying workarounds:
- disable SSL/TLS inspection completely
- stop IPS Service
- add bypass-stateful-firewall-config rules for the local subnets

Is someone facing the same problem?

Did someone find a solution?

Regards, Nicolai

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  • Hi Elardus,

    we have this problem / this situation on multiple (=all) XG and XGS Firewalls. We have one XG 106, all others are XGS 87 or XGS 107.

    All firewalls have at least SFOS 19.0.1 MR-1-Build278.

    The Screenshots are form my local environment which I reconfigured to reproduce and test the problem scenario.

    Here I have a XGS87 with SFOS 19.5.3 MR-3-Build652

    Regards, Nicolai