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Attempting to pass a port through the UTM, to a Server on a RED Network

I have a server on a remote site that needs to open port 80 to the internet from time to time to get a certificate. AT the moment - I cannot get this to work.


Sophos UTM on main Internet Connection at HQ: Public IP A.B.C.D.

     External Port is #2

     Internal Port is br0, considting of Ports 1, 3 & 4. Internal IP is

Remote office on RED device:, Internal IP is

Server#1 on RED Network: with .1 as gateway

VPN between UTM and Red. This is a leased line at the HO end and a VDSL at the remote site

For testing purposes I have an FTP Server installed on Server#1 (201.11) as 80 is not available all the time. This is accesible from the head office network.

What I need to do is accept incoming FTP (later to be HTTP) connections on the main firewall and pass them through the VPN to Server#1 which should then respond back through the VPN and out the main UTM bck to the originating client.

Attempt#1: I tried setting up a DNAT rule first, it didn't work and my understanding from searches that this is not expected to work, 

Attempt #2 : I set up a NAT rule as below

I then setup a Firewall Rule

Butt his doesn't work - the FTP is not available from outside

Either this isn't possible (searches seem to say it is) OR (far more likley) I am not doing it right.

Anyone got any insight for me?

[The good news is that in 6 months or so the leased line will move to the office - which is becoming the head office so this will cease to be an issue. The bad news is that I need to get this working first]

RED VPN is standard/split which is I guess the major problem here

My thoughts are that the packets are probably reaching Server#1, but are being returned by the RED external port and IP address, which is never gonna work. I had hoped that using "Translated Source" as FW-Internal ( would solve that problem causing the packets to return to the UTM. 

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  • Correct. The leased line isn't fast enough that I want to put all the traffic across it from the remote office. Contract is up in 4-5 months. I shall be putting a faster circuit into what is now the remote office

    Its why I tried setting the Translated Source in the NAT rule

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