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Discord Firewall Exception(Sophos XG)

Hi All

Currently I am experiencing issues building a Discord firewall exception. When users are joining a voice/video channel within Discord, channel status is: No Route, connecting RTC.

WHen I create a firewall exception, things are just not working. If i create a firewall rule for that specific computer, allow: any/any, things work correctly. If I want to narrow it down, using a specific domain: (*, things do not work. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I cant find a Discord server IP list. 

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  • I do not think you are hitting TLS problems with DPI mode. Most voice traffic is not over TLS.

    Now that you have found firewall blocks that proves it is not DPI. You can hover over the first column to get the full log (or switch to detailed view). Find the firewall rule that it is hitting. Find the port it is using.
    Create a new firewall rule above the one it is hitting, just for that port. If you want to you can use FQDN hosts as a destination network.

    A simple googling of discord firewall voice port finds sites like this:
    That says discord uses a random UDP port between 50,000 and 65,535. You may need to create a Service that matches that, then a firewall rule to allow that.