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Azure site-to-site VPN route-based tunnel connectivity issues


I have created a site-to-site IPSec VPN between my XG and Azure.

The tunnel is up, confirmed both sides and I can connect from Azure to local, but not the other way around.

I followed this article to the letter:

I have multiple VLANs configured on my XG. I haven't done anything specific for those - not that I know if I need to. The firewall rule encompasses all the VLANs.

When testing connectivity from local to Azure, I can see the rule is allowed.

I have a gaping hole in my Azure NSG (ANY-ANY), both inbound and outbound.

The Azure endpoint is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and as far as I know, all firewalls are off:

user@vm01:~$ sudo ufw status verbose
Status: inactive

Here is the main VPN config page:

I'm not particularly familiar with Ubuntu, so it may be something on the endpoint, however, I'd like to rule out XG's VPN config.

I read the note about the XG version and I am currently running on SFOS 18.0.4 MR-4. Can't upgrade just yet.

If anyone can think of anything I should try, please shout.


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  • in reply to woter324 +3 suggested

    Hi : Thank you for reaching out to the Sophos community team. The configuration KBA which you used for a tunnel with AWS is RBVPN (Route-based VPN OR tunnel Interface based VPN tunnel) type tunnel…

  • It looks like I need to create some routes from the console, following this guide:

    I'm trying to run the command 

    console> system ipsec_route add net tunnelname nlgz03ashare0101

    Where is the Azure VNet's address space (not subnet) and nlgz03ashare0101 is the name of the IPSec connection, however, the command does not like the tunnelname given. According to the linked documentation tab + tab should populate the tunnelname. 

    The error is:

    % Error: Unknown Parameter 'nlgz03ashare0101'

    Where does the tunnel name come from?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Try to do double tap to autocomplete the name. 


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