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  • Installed and all our workstation Heartbeats are missing (after rebooting workstations).

    Quite an issue as heartbeats are required for all workstation connectivity. Had to physically connect to the XG to put a temporary access rule in.

  • Seems to be faster, less having to refresh pages to get all inserts.

    No improvements to IPv6.


    Added:- still have the heartbeat service failure.

    Probably a bit harsh with the no improvements in IPv6, seeing there is a fix listed.

    The FQDN tab still does not recognise IPv6 addresses, so when will this be fixed?


    XG115W - v20 GA - Home

    XG on VM 8 - v20 GA

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    expanded original comment about IPv6.
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  • Also have the heartbeat error. 

    I also get the following message under --> System --> Sophos Central.

    Security Heartbeat is not available due to licenses. Check your licenses. Please contact your Sophos partner to update your Sophos Central or Sophos Firewall licenses.

    The license is okay, though. Re-registering the XG in Central did not help either.

  • If it is indeed a certificate issue, your endpoints need access to the internet and a DNS server to be able to update their certificate. This is the problem for us, because without a heartbeat, our endpoints are blocked on our network, so they can't update the certificate. I have to change our firewall rules so they can get the certificate and then they got there Heartbeats and I could change the firewall rules back.

    Not sure if you have the same sort of setup so I don't know if this will help you resolve your issue.

  • Same here with the licence issue. @lucar-toni do we have a solution to this yet?

  • What do you mean? The License shown as invalid? Do you have a valid license? 


  • Of course I do have a valid XG licences :-) But I do also have one Endpoint expired licence in Central. But this should not be related as it worked until MR-2.

    "Security Heartbeat is not available due to license issues, verify licenses. Please contact your Sophos Partner to update your Sophos Central or Sophos Firewall licenses." vs. Licensed subscriptions: Xstream Protection bundle

    I will not upgrade the remaining boxes to MR-2 for now.

    And a small sidenote... I'm with XG since v16 and the road to v18.5 is quite a ride. Basic things like Let's Encrypt support still missing, new releases break things and issues reported as fixed are still not working (I need to reopen a ticket for iOS IPSEC vpn not working, which should be fixed with NC-76400 in MR-2)

  • Could you create a Support case for this? Because actually this should not occur. Do not forget - MR2 is a "Softrelease". We are not expecting issues, but there could still occur problems, thats the reason for a soft release. 


  • Will do sometime today. I understand, I was aiming for NC-76400 which should resolve my another support ticket from March, yes March 2021 so 9 months :-/

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