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Sophos Authentication Client for Remotedesktopserver / Citrix ( SATC) for Chromiumbased Browser >= Version 84


now its more than six month that SATC didnt work with chromium bases Browser line New MS Edge and Chrom Version >= 84.

Sophos support stated that we should use Version < 84 wich is full of know vulnerablitys. .

and they say more than six Month there will be a new Client version released but this didnt happen.

a Migration to Firefox isnt a solution too.

We are paying for the full Feature Support but the Support didnt give a good Solution.

I am I the only one with the SATC problem?

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  • Thats the same Answer i got from Support in the last Month and nothing happens.

    We pay for the full Support package and get nothing! 

    In a few month our Supportagreement ends and whe had the decision Sophos or an other sollution!

    Our reseller is no longer actively marketing Sophos due to the support problem.

     The Case is 03300071, Maybee you can get a view in it an see our Problem with the Support. 

  • The KB is updated. A solution to this limitation is on the roadmap for H1 2021. 

    As the feature of SATC technically does not work anymore, the only workaround is to disable Authentication for now or to move to Firefox. 

    SATC will be rebuild in this timeframe to rely on different technical features. 


  • Thanks for the Answer but this didnt solve the problem. 

    Fact is that the changes in Chrome 84 was anounced with Chrome 80  long time ago. Chrome 84 was released in June 2020.

    So you say that Sophos will take more than one year to get changes in SATC?

    The official Support for SATC ends on 31-JUL-2021, so i didnt think we get an updated SATC Client in H1 short before Support end

  • It is not a update. SATC will be rebuild and solved differently. Basically the piece of software does not work anymore. Its not to fix the software, its to create a new software to replace this. SATC will not be there anymore. And the replacement will be a new software.