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[BUG] XG v16/17 PPPOE doesn't endlessly tries to reconnect

Hi All,

i have a weird issue concerning clients with xDSL lignes, with a modem bridged and connected to wan port of the XG.

There are more and complains about internet failures (different clients, different DSL providers, different modems), and in most of the cases the pppoe Wan port status is "Disconnected".

Just by clikcing on "connect" connection goes up immediatly !

Is there a way to force the XG to retry enlessly to reconnect ?! (which should be a basic thing !!!!)

Thanks !

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  • Hi All,


    I also have the same problem!!

    But my example is easier and leaves no room for doubt.:



    A. in both of my factory, i have the same carrier on PPPOE.

    B. in the second where I have Watchguard, I have no problem.

    C. in the first where I have Sophos, it's been several month I have problem with PPPOE. The solution, everytime, is to disconnect and reconnet.


    Now that I'm tired of Sophos, due to high basic problems of which I did not have time to make the ticket, I decided to go back to the dear old Watchguard… They are much more professional!


    Oh, Sophos… not to mention the problems with VPN clients on mac.

  • The bug was identified and the issue is resolved in the upcoming releases. If you want a solution, support could implement a hotfix. 

    The Mac Issue is tunnelblick? There are discussions about tunnelblick. Sophos Connect could be a workaround (IPsec). 


  • Are you saying that this fix will be in MR-3?

    Because someone from Sophos previously said that this fix will be included in MR-4.

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