New Sophos Support Phone Numbers in Effect July 1st, 2023

Improvements to add

After a month, I would like to report what I think about the CFR:

  • It does not really add value to XG onboard reporting
  • Only the last 7 days are available. Why? Users should be able to customize the retention (maybe by paying the license). For free users, at least the last 30 days should be available
  • Windows size and criteria used to sort the legenda here:
  • Report per Port and zone: one of the most report used in industry is Port and zone reports. For example, I want to know the traffic consumed between one zone to another? Report by Firewall id cannot help in this case
  • Eicar malware test: where is the name file?

  • Where is the number of concurrent connections, like this? This is straightforward to understand in a seconds if during the day a DOS or some anomalies have occurred.

  • Blocked Email/SPAM/Email usage?
  • Wifi?

It is free but useless without certain reports!