Switch making connection

My switch CS101-8FP

I can ping my this switch but it is nog getting online and not able to logon to management web interface

Also not able to use SSH for this switch.

It keeps trying to connect  UDP 69 
This is UDP 69 is for DHCP but interface already has IP address which I can also ping

Where is used for? I do not have this subnet anywhere in my netwerk.

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  • thanks  

    Sophos has updated the manual for TFTP recovery after I have contacted them.

    Te first time the recovery worked as expected but now for the second time it is not working.

    Because there is no console ports I think I have to replace this switch trough RMA

    There is a reset button but think this is not working? Maybe you have more info about this reset button?

    What I wanted was to move the mnagement interface to another port with VLAN

    This is what I changed:

    Management to VLAN 100 in DHCP
    Port 2-10 untagged VLAN 100

    Still traffic passing trough switch but no Web interface and no ping