Setting Management VLAN When Adding Switch to Central


I'm wondering if other members of the community can share best practices/tips on how to successfully assign a management VLAN to my switch at the point it is added to Central as I am having a lot of trouble with this,

Basically in a nutshell I've pre-configured my site, told it to use VLAN 30 for the management network and to get an IP from DHCP. Initially adding the switch to Central works, it registers, recognises that firmware is too old and updates it, then tells me manual sync is needed.

When I press sync the switch drops off, presumably due to the change in management vlan however when I connect over serial and run show ip interface it is still on the native vlan

I then drop into conf t and run set ip-management-vlan 30 to manually move the switch onto the required VLAN. This restores connectivity with Central but the initial sync then always fails. Subsequent changes such as vlan port assignment will sync but the initial full sync or a reapply of the settings will always fai.

Is there something I'm missing?

We plan to hold multiple switches within a single site and want to be able to import a switch without having to mess around with any CLI.

My next plan (which goes against the above) is to factory reset the switch, set the management VLAN locally then import the switch to Central and see how that behaves,

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