Switch - Avaya H323 Phone Shuffle

ISSUE: Randomly occurring one-way audio with phones on Sophos Switch.

We have no errors logged on Sophos switches or XGS, no dropped packets.  Pathway is GIG.

Our users have random one-way audio on Avaya IP phones H323. This occurs when the phones shuffle, (Extension to Extension call).

The issue occurs with phones on Sophos switches.  

The issue began shortly after installing Sophos switches. We have other offices with Avaya Phones, Sophos XGS, and Extreme Networks switches and they do NOT have this problem, same pbx.  OpenOffice is located at central location.

I have done the following so far:

Tweaked QOS on switches - NO change.  Also we have ample bandwidth so QOS really shouldn't make or break.

Rebooted PBX.

Today, after reading Avaya troubleshooting I disabled extension to extension direct.  We will see what difference this makes.

IF anyone has any ideas, please comment.

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  • Explanation for our remedy.  Sophos Switches were NOT the problem. 

    This truth was partially revealed by packet inspection using XGS and monitoring of Sophos switches.  We could see that Sophos hardware was NOT responsible for dropping packets, and not close to capacity.  VOIP tweaks on XGS console had no discernable affect.

    Our shuffling situation was getting worse by the day.

    When we first installed the Sophos switches this problem was NOT present or maybe an occasional bug, which we thought was a network abnormality, which always seemed to heal before we could gather any data.

    We had a senior Avaya engineer make changes to our Avaya PBX configuration, Codec, etc.  This made a difference, but did not eliminate the problem.  Two days after this we replaced a 7 year old Avaya IP Office with new upgraded hardware.  SHAZAM > no more shuffling.

    Also, very happy with Avaya hardware and engineers.  Excellent support has shown us how to use tools to diagnose issues, so we can take better care of our system and users.