Dream Machine and Sophos CS210

I have a dream machine managing ubiquiti aps, is there a certain port configuration on the Sophos CS210 to allow the ubiquiti ac pro 6 aps to handle ssids with different vlans?

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  • Hello Ken,

    you are using 6 different VLANs to seperate traffic. Then you need either 6 DHCP servers running on each "VLAN interface" of your dream machine or you need a DHCP relay running on the switch. I can help you with the latter:

    In the switch configuration GUI goto to "Configure/L3 protocol/DHCP relay" turn the global setting on and define the IP address of your dream machine, if this is DHCP-server for the 6 LAN segments.

    Mit freundlichem Gruß, best regards from Germany,

    Philipp Rusch

    New Vision GmbH, Germany
    Sophos Silver-Partner

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