SFP+ Module Recommendations?

Hello Community,

I wonder if anyone has tested some third party SFP+ modules for use in the new Sophos Switches and could recommend a model? I know there is a list of supported SFP modules in the knowledge base but there aren't many entries for Sophos Switch up to now.

Has anyone tried some unlisted third party modlues (e.g. Flexoptix) and could recommend some?

Thank you

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  • A DAC is often preferred for a short run (1-7 meters), say from a Sophos Firewall to a Sophos switch, or to connect 2 Sophos switches as trunk ports (or hopefully in the future, stacking.) Passive twin ax DACs are cheaper and less fragile. They also have less latency since you don't have to convert to optical like a transceiver. Yes, they're thicker, but as Sophos doesn't sell all SFP switches, it's not an issue.