MLAG Support

Looking through the datasheets I see that LAG is supported.  Is MLAG supported or planned to be supported?

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  • Given that this offering is targeted at 'Edge' and 'Access', I'd say no and no.

    However I'm hoping that this is just the first step into this arena and they're planning to offer a 'Datacenter' targeted range as well, which should have those features and more of the protocols & functions you'd expect on a core-switch rather than an edge-switch, including physical features like back-to-front airflow hot-swappable redundant fans and hot-swappable redundant power supplies. Usually no need for PoE there but VRRP, BGP, MLAG, OSPF etc instead.

  • MLAG feature allows you to scale at Layer 2 without wasting bandwidth in Spanning Tree Blocked mode. Any networking device supporting static LAG or IEEE 802.3ad LACP can connect to an MLAG pair. Now you can scale your network, without changing your topology?                      Dinar Detectives