Sophos Mobile: How to renew Apple VPP token

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This article describes the steps for renewing the Apple VPP token using Sophos Mobile.

Steps to be performed:

1. Log into Sophos Central Mobile. 

2. On the dashboard, you'll see a warning message stating that “Your Apple VPP token has expired.”

3. Go to Setup > Apple Setup

  • Switch to the Apple VPP tab where you can see the expiration date and the Apple ID used to download the VPP token.

  • Click the Apple Business Manager link and log in using the same Apple ID that you see on this page.


4. Once logged in, click on your username at the bottom left corner and select Preferences.


5. Once you’re on your profile, go to Payments and Billing.

6. You will see the Content Tokens at the bottom right. Search for the one you used for Sophos Mobile, and click Download.

7. Switch back to Sophos Mobile and upload the token using the Upload a file button.

8. You will see the new expiration date. Don’t forget to click the Save button to save the changes.



The VPP token is now renewed and can be used to assign apps to your devices.

Additional reference:
Apple Business Manager (ABM) Apps

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